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How to use AV Flash Sync

Sync Screen

Sync View

This is the first screen that you will see when you launch AV Flash Sync. It has displays the current time (and date for the Pro version). When you tap on the screen, it will flash red and play a tone for 1 second. You can use this event in post production to sync up your audio and video alignment.

In the top left corner is the Config button. Tapping on this will take you to the Config screen, described below.

Settings Screen

Settings View

This screen has configuration settings for AV Flash Sync.

1 Second Delay - This will add a one second delay between the time you tap the Sync screen and when the tone and red flash starts. This will allow time to take your hand way from the screen, if that is important to you.

24 Hour Time - This will display the time in twenty four hour mode (18:32:41 for 6:42:41 pm).

More settings will be added over time.

Tapping on Upgrade to Pro will take you to the Upgrade screen, described below.

In the top left corner is the Sync button that takes you back to the Sync screen.

Upgrade Screen

Upgrade View

From this screen, you can upgrade to the Pro version of AV Flash Sync and unlock new features. Just select Purchase AV Flash Sync Pro and you will be prompted to purchase via the App Store.

Date display - This will add the current date to the Sync screen.

More new feature will be added to the Pro version over time.

In the top left corner is the Settings button that takes you back to the Settings screen.


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